Fabulous Ferrets (Ferrets Who Live Large!)

Saint Petersburg, Florida

January 2008 - December 2010


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Our Family and Cast of Characters;

Ferret Wheel - A very playful Ferret maybe from Coney Island

Ferret Bueller - This Ferret never takes a day off

Ferret Ferris -  Ferret of Stone (color) (Roman), like the grey stone color of his fur.

Ferret Phelan - Phelan means Little Wolf (Roman).

Ferret Tiara - A Ferret Princess with Regal Fur.



January 06, 2008

Mory is a friendly Ferret who like other Ferrets.                       Isaac prefers Humans... Not Ferrets!                                  


March 12, 2008

Bueller decides to check out a larger sleeping arrangement, Wolf wants to see if there is enough room for him                           


Ferrets love the shower and the coolness of the bathroom, including the closet


If it makes a crinkling sound when they step on it, roll in it or crawl under it, they like it




First Stone then Wheel takes a stroll down the second floor hallway                                                      Stone waits for...?




May 04, 2008 So that our Ferrets never get bored, we rearrange their furniture



June 22, 2008



September 7-12, 2008 So that our Ferrets never get bored, we rearrange their furniture

Stand Alone Bunk House for quick naps      Creating open floor space with overhead tubes & tunnels was challenging


In order to see what we mean by overhead tubes & tunnels, we took some overhead shots


Stone hangs out during his basket nap                                        Wheel naps on top of one of the custom built towers


At ground level they have their food and snack bowls, three watering holes and still room to play




September 13, 2008





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