Fabulous Ferrets (Ferrets Who Live Large!)

Saint Petersburg, Florida

January 2006 - December 2007


Our Family and Cast of Characters;

My Ferret Lady - From the musical of the same name.

Ferret Jocka - From Canada's second national anthem

Ferret Oxide - The Ferret of Iron, cannot fly like the Man of Steel

Ferret Wheel - A very playful Ferret maybe from Coney Island

Ferret Bueller - This Ferret never takes a day off

Ferret Ferris -  Ferret of Stone (color) (Roman), like the grey stone color of his fur.

Ferret Phelan - Phelan means Little Wolf (Roman).

Ferret Tiara - A Ferret Princess with Regal Fur.



January 29, 2006

Five Story Condo for; My Ferret Lady, Ferret Jocka, Ferret Wheel, Ferret Oxide

 Rear of Tower                                                               Front of Tower                                   Ferret Jocka


March 21, 2006


My Ferret Lady    Ferret Jocka         Ferret Jocka        My Ferret Lady    My Ferret Lady


Ferret Jocka        Jocka & Lady       Jocka & Lady       Jocka & Lady       Ferret Wheel


Ferret Wheel       Ferret Wheel       Ferret Wheel        Ferret Wheel       Ferret Wheel


Ferret Wheel       Ferret Oxide        Ferret Oxide        Ferret Oxide    


August 15,  2006 - The Ultimate Ferret Cage - 7 Bedroom, 3 Bath, Pool, Play Yard


4 Unit/Condo Sleep Area with travel tubes to 5 Story Play Tower and Ground Level


3 Two Story Condo Units, 5 Level Play Tower with Nap Level, Tube to Pool & AM/FM Radio


Pool with packing popcorn and Deck Level, Water, CCTV, Night Light, Food Pantry


Room Size; 12' x 15' = 180 Sq Ft

Play Tower; 5 Levels = 26.5 Sq Ft

Sleep Area; 4 Levels = 20 Sq Ft

NEW! Climb & Slide Ramp, with 5 Sq Ft top platform & climbing tower with treat bowl

    Minimum Square Footage of Ferret Cage/Living/Play Area 226.5 Square Feet

Travel Tubes; 3. total length 28 Ft (more being added)


January 9, 2007



      My Ferret Lady


January 20, 2007


Ferret Bueller, Black Footed Ferret


January 26, 2007





January 28, 2007







February 1, 2007



Lady-Oxide-Bueller  Babette & Rocky


Oxide-Bueller-Wheel                                     Rocky & Bueller Nap in the Office



February 7, 2007






February 14, 2007



                             Bueller at top of ramp and now down                                                 Tubes everywhere all the way to

 the top closet shelf


NEW! Two new Travel Tubes, 16' & 8" added!

Travel Tubes; 5. total length 52 Ft (more being added)


June 9, 2007    A Veteran family was looking for a good home for their loved ones, we decided that we had enough room and love to go around so we introduce you to our newest family members.

This is Ferris Ferret                        Phelan Ferret        Tiara Ferret        Phelan                Ferris

Tiara finds power   Wheel & Bueller show Ferris & Phelan  the litter box          Lady points to food   Phelan finds a tube    

                                    Ferris listens to tunes                                Phelan at ramp        Wheel showing off

Bueller loves his boxes from  the mailman                                                                Lady teaches Phelan  

Phelan learns well   Ferris tries jumping and tubing              Wheel & Bueller try on clothes              Lady at rest




June 18, 2007    It is amazing how some peanut butter will bring a family together.



September 26, 2007   

I thought Stone Died    Tiara comes out          A new box to play in   Lady can climb anything




October 10, 2007   

New 7' Tube Bridge  Wheel leaves the pool  Stone perches to listen to his favorite tunes.

Custome Maze Boxes                                    Think bare-butt baby pic                                 Don't you love it when the family dines together


October 15, 2007

Let sleeping Ferrets lie!                                   


October 21, 2007

Cozy in the closet      Lady Ferret               Chowing Down!                                   


December 23, 2007

                                                                 New Family Member is Isaac on the right                                   






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